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Welcome to the next evolution of professional networks

The needs of C-Suite leaders are not being served by existing networks

C-Suite executives value privacy, trust and experienced insights. The large professional social networks are too noisy and superficial to deliver on these value props. They are focused on enhancing personal brands and maximizing reach instead of building quality relationships, having important conversations, or solving pressing problems.

Smaller networks can provide a more relevant experience, but they fall into two unfortunate categories. Those that are too niche or informal, providing minimal sustained value. Or those that have ulterior motives, aiming to sell you an adjacent product or leveraging your data for their own (or both).

C-Suite executives need a private, trusted community of peers

When you lead a function, everyone turns to you for answers - direct reports, executive colleagues, the board. C-Suite leaders are paid to make the hard decisions and guide their teams to deliver successful solutions, even when it’s a situation they’ve never confronted before.

But the reality is that nobody has all the answers. So where do these leaders turn when they need advice? The most forward-thinking ones turn to The Suite.

Make better, faster decisions with the collective expertise of 5,000+ peer executives

  • The L Suite

    Our Legal community for enterprising CLOs at early-stage to public companies, and the funds that invest in them.

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  • The F Suite

    Our Finance community for forward-thinking CFOs at high-growth companies and investment funds.

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  • The E Suite

    Our Executive community for visionary CEOs building the game-changing companies of tomorrow. (Coming soon)

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The company you build depends on the company you keep

  • Jennifer Miller, General Counsel at Grammarly

    Jennifer Miller

    General Counsel


  • Brian Weisberg, CFO, Tidelift

    Brian Weisberg



  • Inga Goldbard, General Counsel, at GV Google Ventures

    Inga Goldbard

    General Counsel

    Google Ventures

  • Andy Hill, General Counsel at Andreessen Horowitz

    Andy Hill

    General Counsel

    Andreessen Horowitz

  • Aglika Dotcheva



  • Hasani Caraway, General Counsel at Notion

    Hasani Caraway

    General Counsel


  • Alyssa Harvey Dawson, CLO and Corp Secretary, at Hubspot

    Alyssa Harvey Dawson

    CLO & Corporate Secretary


  • Rob Beard

    CLO, GC and Head of Global Policy


  • Lindsay Llewellyn, General Counsel, at Lyft

    Lindsay Llewellyn

    General Counsel


  • Chris Cheng, General Counsel at Nomad Health

    Chris Cheng

    General Counsel

    Nomad Health

We’ve cracked the code to creating trusted and meaningful connections

We connect executives leaders with their closest peers, via bespoke, invite-only, communities. Careful curation of our membership around specific leadership functions allows them to rapidly unlock actionable insights that propel their companies forward. This is where the information flows.

Our communities are powered by a proprietary AI-driven member platform

Combining 8+ years of wisdom shared by our 5,000+ members and hundreds of our industry-leading expert partners with the latest in AI developments, we have built a revolutionary member platform that is uniquely suited to executive communities. Our technology enables members to rapidly find the right data, resources and member connections to help solve their most pressing issues of the day.

It’s like having an executive neural network in your pocket.

The amount of information that you can get in a short period of time is incredible.

Joshua Green, CFO, Survios

Fulfilling the promise of tech-enabled human relationships

In a world filled with so much noise, where it’s getting harder and harder to tell what’s true, people are rediscovering the value of trusted, private communities. The Suite is at the forefront of this movement, leveraging novel AI tools supported by proprietary data sets to foster on-demand brain trusts of peers coming together to solve their most complex problems. The careful cross-pollination of online and IRL interactions is a potent force multiplier for progress.

Our events catalyze actionable insights and drive valuable connections

It’s the piece that’s missing from so many professional networks — events that deliver practical learnings and authentic relationships. We put our members together with the right people at the right time to solve their most complex challenges. 

This is the room where it happens.