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Our Story

Like most great companies, The Suite was born out of personal need

  • Humble beginnings

    The Suite started in 2015 with a single community - TechGC (now part of The L Suite) - when our founders Kiran Lingam and Greg Raiten gathered a few of their closest General Counsel peers in NYC for a casual lunch to swap war stories and advice. The idea behind it was simple - being a GC is a tough job, and you’re often confronted with issues you’ve never faced before. Surely, they thought, others were experiencing similar challenges and they could all benefit from a supportive network of peers.

  • Immediate traction

    The response was overwhelming. A tight-knit, organic community was born nearly overnight, and monthly in-person gatherings in NYC expanded to San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles and beyond. These were safe spaces, where you could bring your vulnerabilities and leave with actionable insights. The L Suite quickly became the premier, invite-only community platform for GCs & CLOs of the leading high-growth companies and venture funds.

  • Community expansion

    As The L Suite blossomed, the word got out and we began getting requests from CFOs, CEOs, and other executive leaders to form communities for them. We realized that we weren’t just solving a GC problem, we were solving a C-Suite problem. So in 2021, we launched our second community - The F Suite - exclusively for CFOs. It grew even more rapidly than The L Suite, as CFOs were hungry for the same kind of peer learning and support.

  • The sky's the limit

    With two thriving communities taking shape, the bigger opportunity became clear - if we could build a family of carefully curated executive communities, we could meaningful impact the lives and careers of tens of thousands of C-Suite leaders and their teams. Shortly thereafter we launched The E Suite as our CEO community, with plans for several more in the works (stay tuned!).

We’ve come a long way since those early days, and yet we’re only just getting started...

The F Suite Annual National Summit at the New York Stock Exchange

Meet our founders

Co-Founder & CEO

Kiran Lingam

Kiran launched his career with seven years in big law firms (including Jones Day and DLA Piper), representing tech startups and venture capital funds.In 2013, following passage and implementation of the JOBS Act in 2012, Kiran joined SeedInvest, a leading equity crowdfunding platform, as General Counsel, VP of Business development and employee #3. The Company ultimately grew to a community of 100,000+ investors, raised capital for hundreds of startups and ultimately was acquired by Circle, a prominent digital asset company.

As a senior executive at SeedInvest through its time of rapid growth, Kiran sought the support of a trusted community of executive peers. In 2015, Kiran met Greg Raiten, and together they launched the first peer community, TechGC, a community for General Counsels at high growth tech companies like them.

As the TechGC community grew over the years to 4,000 members, it became clear that other C-Suite executives faced similar problems and could greatly benefit from similar communities. So in 2021, we launched The Suite including The F Suite for CFOs, and The E Suite for CEOs the vision to bring trusted, private, community to all C-Suite executives.

Kiran on LinkedIn
Kiran Lingam Co-Founder at The Suite

Co-Founder & President

Greg Raiten

Greg began his career as employee #2 at a tech startup immediately post-college before going to law school and spending five years as a corporate attorney at big law firms (Latham and Gunderson). His deep-seated passion for entrepreneurship soon drew him back into the high-growth world of startups and venture capital. In 2013, Greg moved in-house and spent the next six years as a senior executive at two prominent venture funds - General Counsel of 500 Startups and then GC & COO of FirstMark Capital.

These high-impact, high-velocity leadership roles impressed upon Greg the vital need for a trusted community of peers. In 2015, Greg met Kiran Lingam and together they launched TechGC, a peer community for GCs like them. As TechGC rapidly grew into the industry-leading community for tech lawyers, it became clear that there was a bigger underlying problem to solve across the C-Suite. It can be lonely at the top, and they realized that all C-Suite functions would greatly benefit from curated peer communities of their own. 

So in 2021, Greg and Kiran launched The Suite to bring trusted, private peer communities to all C-Suite executives.

Greg on LinkedIn
Greg Raiten Co-Founder at The Suite

Executive Leadership Team

  • Shaun Sethna

    General Counsel & Head of People
    Shaun Sethna General Counsel at The Suite

    With over a decade of experience as a senior legal executive at enterprise SaaS companies, and a DeputyGC member himself, Shaun was the perfect candidate to help lead The Suite through its next phase of growth.

    As a tech-focused generalist, engaged community-builder and passionate people leader, Shaun brings a wealth of legal expertise to his role as The Suite’s General Counsel and Head of People. In addition to serving as a growth-minded business partner on the legal side, Shaun leads The L Suite content team in delivering high-value programming at events.

    Shaun spends his free time chasing after his two young kids and writing on LinkedIn about life as a business leader, working parent and GC. He also volunteers for the Legal Mentor Network.

  • Ramya Sethuraman

    Chief Product Officer
    Ramya Sethuraman Chief Product Officer at The Suite

    With the robust foundation of 15 years of software engineering experience – including engineering roles at IBM and Facebook – Ramya transitioned into product leadership, taking on a succession of senior product roles at Meta where she drove product strategy and made pivotal contributions to building community on Facebook.

    At Meta, Ramya led 0->1 product initiatives in Facebook’s News Feed, Communities and Growth to improve how the platform connects members to relevant information, features and experiences. She brings this extraordinary expertise to her role as Chief Product Officer at The Suite, with a focus on scaling the engineering and product teams as we build the executive community platform of the future.

    Ramya is an advocate for the power of storytelling, and she brings this love of words to her free time, too. She blogs on Medium about product management, and has also published a children’s book series, a book about immigrant experiences in the U.S. and a collection of short stories, one of which she recently produced as a short film.

  • Anthony Thomas

    VP Business Development & Partnerships
    Anthony Thomas VP Business Development and Partnerships at The Suite

    Anthony honed his skills as a people connector over 16 years in higher education fundraising, driving millions of dollars in giving through strategic partnerships. He also created and launched the NYU Law Venture Fund (now known as the NYU Law Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Program), one of the only seed-stage funding programs at a U.S. law school.

    Anthony is a relationship-builder who works tirelessly to ensure the success of our strategic partners. His team strives to bring together the most impactful experts, advisors and vendors so that they can build and nurture relationships with our executives.

    In his spare time, you can find Anthony exploring the newest restaurant in NYC, visiting a new city, exploring more of Italy or surfing in the Rockaways.

  • Kara Walsh

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Kara Walsh CMO at The Suite

    After launching a new brand for Coca-Cola in her first marketing role, Kara spent the next 20+ years leading innovative marketing campaigns that engage audiences through online interactions that catalyze real-life experiences. She’s been persistently pulled towards work with entrepreneurial-minded organizations seeking their next stage of growth.

    Kara is well-versed at building a brand through the power of community, perfectly positioning her to help lead The Suite through its exciting next chapter. As Chief Marketing Officer, her strategic focus is building our community brands and fostering dynamic growth among members and partners.

    A recent transplant to Florida by way of New York and Chicago, Kara is also a devoted international traveler; she’s visited 54 countries and counting. She also enjoys playing and watching tennis.

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The Suite Annual Team Offsite in Cancun, January 2024